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Shravan Digital Hearing Aid

Keltron continues the saga of developing quality products for the consumers at an affordable cost, started 100% in house manufacturing of the Digital ProgrammingHearing Aid at Keltron Lighting Division. KELTRON has taken the technology from C-DAC for the manufacture of Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing aids. The main product SHRAVAN is a 10 Channel hearing aid with 64 band filters and priced very aggressively and this product is widely accepted among all age group customers not only in India but also across the globe due to its rich features. The production floor equipped with fully air conditioned SMT Line consisting of high speed SMT machines, separate assembly & exclusive testing area. The supply, service for the Hearing aids all over Kerala has been managed through our centers across Kerala and the demand from other states met by the marketing offices.

Keltron Lighting Division recently got the order from Kerala Government to supply Hearing Aid and LED Lights, High Mast/Mini Mast/Low Mast to all government departments, institutions, LSGD’s without participating in any tender formality.


  • Fully Digital
  • High Reliability
  • Multi- Channel Signal Processing
  • Digital Volume Control
  • Multiple Listening Programmes
  • Wide Dynamic Range Compression
  • Supports Both Linear and Non Linear Prescriptive Procedures
  • Telecoil Support
  • Programming Software with Industry Standard Features
  • In-situ programming facility
  • Inbuilt memory reserved for medical records
  • Notification Beeps
  • Robust Build
  • Long Battery Life
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