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Pneumatic Actuators

The pneumatic actuators mainly consist of a double acting power cylinder in which a piston slides and through which the necessary force is transmitted to the final control element. Actuator without positioner is used for ON / OFF control of a regulating device in which air supply is given to the cylinder through a solenoid / pilot operated valve. 

Actuator with positioner can establish any desired relationship between pneumatic input signal and piston displacement. To match the regulating device characteristics with the system requirements linear, interchangeable cams are provided with the positioner.

Different Models


The cylinder and piston is on a frame (stand) to which it is Coupled through a fork and drive arm. The output force is transmitted to the load through a linkage from an output lever equipped on the power cylinder power cylinder.

Actuator models based on application

BTPC – Burner Tilt Power Cylinder

BTPC MODELS: 04”x14”, 06”x14”, 08”x14”, 08”x16”, 10”x14”, 10”x16”, 12”x14”, 12”x16”, 14”x18.5”, 16”x18.5”


  • Supply pressure : 3 to 7 kg/cm2
  • Input signal : 0.2 to 1.0 kg/cm2 (4-20 mA with IP Convertor)
  • Pneumatic connection : PVC coated Copper tube with brass Fittings / SS tube with SS Fittings
  • Painting : Light Grey Epoxy


Trunion Type (Bore X Stroke): 03”x06”, 03”x08”, 03”x12”, 04”x04”, 04”x06”, 04”x08”, 04”x12”, 04”x16”, 04”x18”, 04”x48”, 06”x06”, 06”x08”, 06”x12”, 06”x16”, 06”x18”, 08”x06”, 08”x08”, 08”x16”, 10” x16”

Special Application   SADC: 2.5”x05”, 03”x05”, 04”x04” 04”x05”
                                         BTPC: 04”x14”, 06”x14”, 08”x14”, 08”x16”, 10”x14”, 10”x16”, 12”x14”, 12”x16”, 14”x18.5”, 16”x18.5”

Stand Type (Bore X Stroke) 03”x12”, 04”x04”, 04”x08”, 04”x12”, 04”x18”, 06”x08”, 06”x12”, 06”x16”, 08”x08”, 08”x12”, 08”x16”, 10”x16”, 12”x16”, 14”x16, 19”x14”, 20”x14”, 22”x14”

Special Application SCOOP ACTUATOR: 04”x04”, 04”x08”, 06”x08”, 08”x08” 08”x16”

# Customized models according to customer requirement also available


  • Pneumatic Positioner / Electro Pneumatic Positioner / Smart Positioner
  • Limits Switch Assembly (with Micro Switches / Proximity Sensors/ Add on card for SMART)
  • Air Lock Relay
  • Air filter regulator
  • Electronic Position Feedback Transmitter
  • IP Convertor Assembly
  • Junction Box Assembly