Work Guidelines
Keltron House
Keltron entered the IT arena way back in the late 70s with the manufacture of computers and accessories, and micro processor based products such as attendance monitoring and recording systems. Over the years, Keltron has been riding the wave of technology focusing its strength on technology adaptation for the common good by enabling the use of computers in several segments of business and life. Today, Keltron has widened its IT horizon by enlarging its production base, and entering other IT domains such as software development, training and support services. Being a Public Sector organization, Keltron has a focused interest in catering to the IT needs of the Government of Kerala configuring solutions that encompass all the key departments of the State administration. Keltron computers are in use in all Government Departments as well as the schools of the State. In the Government Secretariat, the entire IT infrastructure is planned, implemented and maintained by Keltron. Keltron computers are manufactured at Keltron Communication Complex Monvila,Trivandrum.