TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT SYSTEM : RedLight Violation Detection System (Model–K-RLVDS-DL)

K-RLVDS system uses advanced deep learning technology to detect and capture images / license number of all types of Vehicles violating Red Light signal. System works fully automatically during day and night conditions.

Undisciplined driving with scant respect for Signals at intersections is one of the major causes for unwanted accidents and loss of life and destruction of national property across the country. Keltron RLVD systems are designed to detect any vehicle crossing the stop line when the signal turns RED. The RLVD systems employ the latest vision sensor technology to provide a high accurate detail of the vehicle jumping the signal.

The system is designed to detect and record evidence of red light jumping by vehicles at traffic signals. Unmanned detection should be provided for day and night. It consists of number of ANPR grade cameras installed at the road, on a cantilever / gantry and connected to the Central control room. The ANPR camera system deployed in these RLVDS is a combination of highly specialized cameras, Field sensors, Hi Power IR flash and electronic subsystem. The cameras are designed for both day and night conditions without dependence on any ambient light. A junction may require one set of cameras for each road of the intersection. The number of cameras on each road could be increased based on the number of lanes. The rear number plates should be captured by the system, in all cases. The system at each intersection should be linked to the traffic signal lights. Number plates of vehicles crossing the stop line, during red light should be captured. Video analytics could be used to detect vehicles violating the red signal lights. One common camera should be used to take wide angled shots of all the lanes along with the traffic signal light post. Minimum one wide angle image showing the vehicle violating red signal and the RED traffic signal together should be captured to act as court evidence.
  • Day & Night with IR Flash
  • Court evidence camera capture
  • Capable of capturing images of vehicles (including 2 Wheelers) at Day & Night
  • Capable of capturing both Retro & Non-retro reflective type oficense plates.
  • No inductive loops / road cutting
  • Light sensor for all round image quality
  • Lightning protection, on-line health monitoring
  • Motorized zoom lens for perfect focus at day & night
  • Uses global shutter camera with synchronized high power flash
  • End to end solution – Hardware, control room software and payment module software
  • Software feature – Challan processing and payment software (cash counter and e-payment method)
  • Software supports clustering of servers for 24 x 7 fail safe operation