TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT SYSTEM : Mobile Speed Enforcement System (Model K-SPEED-RD-P)

Standalone fixed speed enforcement systems, even though reduces accidents at the spot has an inherent disadvantage. Once the position of systems are identified, drivers has tendency to reduce speeds at these spots and again speed away.
Mobile speed enforcement systems are usually vehicle mounted and hence can be positioned randomly at any point on the roadsides. This has inherent advantage of capturing more violations, at same time ensuring overall speed reduction of vehicles since position of the system is unknown to drivers. This results in better accident reduction on the roads.
Combining the state-of-the-art modular components, this portable speed enforcement radar system gives you the opportunity, freedom and flexibility to enforce speed limits automatically at any location for any set speed.
The state of the art Automatic model K-Speed-RD-P developed by KELTRON, is an ideal solution to this requirement, to fully track and capture images and number plates of speed violating vehicles moving in a stretch. (Brochure attached)
These Speed measurement devices are to be installed on normal vehicles with slight modification. This allows enforcement authorities to measure speeds of vehicles passing the designated area, with the enforcement vehicle parked alongside the road. The speed enforcement system will be integrated without altering the appearance of the vehicle, thus avoiding recognition. The unit comprises a 3D Doppler radar capable of tracking two lanes, with an accuracy of 97% up to speeds of >200 kmph. The infrared Flash unit used can capture images at night and the entire unit operates on 12 V batteries. These can also be tripod mounted as required.
  • HD /Mega pixel type IP cameras, colour or monochrome, wide angle varifocal length
  • Cover multiple lanes
  • Infrared illumination for approx. 15-25 meters area coverage at detection point, multiple lanes
  • Deep learning - AI based vehicle detection for day & night in local site. Transmit alarms & images only to control room.
  • Road side Embedded hardware, with GPU for deep learning to reduce network bandwidth. UPS for 2 hours back up, under voltage / overvoltage protection
  • Pole mounted outdoor type, with rugged, with Rain canopy etc. All connectors, cables etc. Shall be of industrial grade and any hardware shall be easily replaceable.
  • Connectivity 4G / OFC
  • Solar powered in case mains power not available
  • Possible transmit the images with violations to control room
  • Audio messaging system to alert stopped vehicle drivers
  • Anti-tamper with siren shall be part of systems