TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT SYSTEM : Incident Detection Camera System

Keltron Incident Detection Cameras ( incident detection cameras) which are deployed in the Highway use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and can help the law enforcing authorities to detect and identify vehicles that have stopped on the highway without authorization, unauthorized entry of banned vehicles in the highway, wrong lane driving, Straddling of vehicles, breakdowns etc.
To a more advanced usage, Traffic density based alerts are also possible with these cameras.
The necessity of installing an "All vehicle ANPR capture systems" is to capture images and number plates of all vehicles moving on a highway lane / road 24 x 7 for detection of all vehicles passing the area and its use in crime detection and analysis. They can be installed at all entry / exits and all major main roads, artery roads, ring roads etc.
  • HD /Mega pixel type IP cameras, colour or monochrome, wide angle varifocal length
  • Cover multiple lanes
  • Infrared illumination for approx. 15-25 meters area coverage at detection point, multiple lanes
  • Deep learning - AI based vehicle detection for day & night in local site. Transmit alarms & images only to control room.
  • Road side Embedded hardware, with GPU for deep learning to reduce network bandwidth. UPS for 2 hours back up, under voltage / overvoltage protection
  • Pole mounted outdoor type, with rugged, with Rain canopy etc. All connectors, cables etc. Shall be of industrial grade and any hardware shall be easily replaceable.
  • Connectivity 4G / OFC
  • Solar powered in case mains power not available
  • Possible transmit the images with violations to control room
  • Audio messaging system to alert stopped vehicle drivers
  • Anti-tamper with siren shall be part of systems