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  • Availability of a large pool of experienced technical manpower
  • Stable Infrastructure and rich manufacturing experience
  • Strong commitment to quality
  • Access to top level technology support
  • ESS LAB Facility
Human Capital at it's best
Keltron’s capabilities lie mainly in the large pool of experienced technical manpower specialized in the assimilation, adoption and integration of technology for creating innovative solutions; strong infrastructure; and a fierce obsession to quality.
Large Pool of Experienced Technical Manpower
Large Pool of Experienced Technical Manpower
Keltron’s expertise in high quality manufacturing is the direct result of the highly skilled, multi-disciplinary team of graduate engineers, project managers and a skilled workforce with a proven track record in complex precision manufacturing.Currently, Keltron employs a work force of little over 1,500 of which about 30% are engineers who possess extensive hands-on experience in technology integration and adoption, and in managing high-tech manufacturing operations. Manpower at Space Electronics section has been specially trained at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in high-reliability soldering, harnessing and QC. Keltron also provides technical manpower to major organizations like ONGC, VSSC, NPOL Election Commission etc..
    Human Capital
Engineers 254
Skilled Workers 734
Support Staff 326
Total 1314