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Shri. N. Narayana Moorthy
Chairman & Managing Director
Shri. N. Narayana Moorthy, Chairman and Managing Director of the KSEDC is a distinguished scientist of VSSC/ISRO and was holding the post of Associate Director, VSSC and Chief Executive of Human Spaceflight Programme till superannuation on May 2011. Subsequently he was working as Senior Advisor Launch Vehicles in VSSC,Trivandrum and also Consultant to Director, VSSC.
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To transform Keltron to a National Hub for electronics systems in core sectors thus adding valueto life and industry.
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To become a brand leader in Power Electronics Products, Traffic Surveillance systems, Defense Electronics and System Integration of Key Projects.
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To exponentially grow to Rs 1000 Cr company by Year 2026 and Rs 2000 Cr company by Year 2031.
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Quality Policy
Keltron‘s Quality Policy is to achieve total Customer satisfaction through continual improvement and effective Quality management
KELTRON is a multi-product organisation producing a wide range of products from discrete electronics components to complex equipment and systems.

Production Centres

Marketing Offices
Reaching out to serve customers..
Keltron has set up a nationwide marketing and sales network with offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Thiruvananthapuram to ensure that effective customer service is provided all over the country.
Organisation Structure


Subsidiary Companies

Keltron is a Public Sector Enterprise owned by the Government of Kerala and is managed by a Board of Directors
Board of Directors
Shri. N. Narayana Moorthy
Chairman & Managing Director
Keltron House, Vellayambalam
Trivandrum, Kerala.
Former Chairman & Managing Director


Shri K P P Nambiar

May1973 - Sep 1983


Shri P G Muralidharan

Mar 1985 - Jun 1986


Shri K Thomas Kora

Jun 1986 - Jul 1987


Shri S Krishna Rao

Aug 1987 - Mar 1989


Shri K P P Nambiar

Dec 1989 - Mar 1991


Shri K M Chandrasekhar

Feb 1992 - Aug 1994


Shri R C Choudhury

Aug 1994 - Jul 1996


Shri K Mohandas

Jul 1996 - Dec 1999


Shri V B Srinivasan

Dec 1999 - Jun 2000


Shri K Mohandas

Jul 2000 - Jul 2001


Shri John Mathai

Jul 2001 - Jun 2003


Shri R C Choudhury

Jun 2003 - Mar 2004


Shri John Mathai

Mar 2004 - May 2005


Shri T Balakrishnan

May 2005 - Feb 2012


Dr. G.C. Gopala Pillai

Feb 2012 - Aug 2015


Shri. Jacob Punnoose

Aug 2015 - Mar 2016


Shri. P H Kurian IAS

April 2016 - Aug 2016


Sri.Vijayakumaran Nair K.G

Sep 2016 - Mar 2017


Shri.Sanjay.M.Kaul, IAS

Mar 2017 - Mar 2019


Shri. N. Narayana Moorthy

Mar 2019 - 


Our Management Team
Shri. N. Narayana Moorthy
Chairman & Managing Director
+91- 471 - 2724444, 4094444