The ANPR camera system deployed in this scenario is a combination of highly specialized cameras, Field sensors, Hi Power IR flash and electronic subsystem. The ANPR cameras use the widely acclaimed Global shutter technology compared to the normal rolling shutter technology used for normal cameras which is mandatory for recognizing and capturing the image of speeding vehicles, which normal cameras are unable to capture clearly. These cameras are designed for both day and night conditions without dependence on any ambient light. The high power Synchronized IR flash for night capture is critical to the fast shutter operation of camera.
The necessity of installing an "All vehicle ANPR capture systems" is to capture images and number plates of all vehicles moving on a highway lane / road 24 x 7 for detection of all vehicles passing the area and its use in crime detection and analysis. They can be installed at all entry / exits and all major main roads, artery roads, ring roads etc.
Important Features
  • Capable of capturing images of vehicles (including 2 Wheelers) at Day & Night
  • Light sensor for all round image quality
  • Uses global shutter camera with synchronized high power flash
  • Motorized zoom lens for perfect focus at day & night
  • AI based vehicle classification option