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Hotmail, there are so many ways to communicate on the internet. Still, email correspondence is the professional mean for formal and sometimes informal conversations. Want to send a detailed document? Send an email. Do you want to schedule a formal meeting? Telecast an email to all members.

How send a job cover letter? Email it. The email has retained its importance to this day despite so many alternative modes of data communication but do you know where it all started from? It all started from

In 1996 around the Golden State of California, Founders Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith came up with the unique idea that is still benefitting the Worldwide Web users. Hotmail started off as a website mail service that can send receive a text message from one part of the world to another.

It eventually went on to become the world’s first full-fledged Webmail service used to send and receive anything in a digital form. You can use this service for the transmission and reception of your digital copies by logging in to Hotmail.

Hotmail Login Web

Login to and unlock the world of Electronic mail systems to send and receive your messages, images, have a voice or video call, and much more. Within the ownership of Microsoft, it became far more integrated, advanced, diverse, and faster than its competitor services launched way after the history of Email/Webmail services was written. Do you want to be a part of the Email service foundation platform? Keep reading.

The guide to access the world of Hotmail email service is as follows:

  • You must access Hotmail from the newly launched versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.
    Microsoft Edge and Hotmail, being a part of the same family as Microsoft, makes a perfect combination of services.

  • Type in the field for website URLs.

  • A window with Microsoft Outlook will pop up on your Brower’s tab.

  • Refer to the image attached below for reference.

  • FYI, the outlook is just another name for Hotmail, used to rebrand Hotmail but most people still recognize outlook as Hotmail.

  • Now, Locate and click on Sign in/Log in.

  • You are allowed to Sign in/Log in with a number of options. You can log in with your Email address, Phone number, or with your Skype username.

  • Now, Type any of the three credentials you want to log in with and click

  • Enter the Password of your account in its field and click.

  • You will be redirected to your Hotmail Live account dashboard.

Hotmail Login Mobile App

Mobile phones have brought the entire digital world to the palm of a man. People can do about everything on the phones which required a personal computer if we talk about a decade ago. People can send, receive, draft, telecast, and do everything on Hotmail mobile app that they’d do on a website.


Hotmail mobile app is a portable version of Hotmail Webmail service that broke the internet in 1996. You can use the same Hotmail account on the mobile app to log in that you use on the Hotmail Website. Here is how you can use Hotmail Mobile App on your Phone:

  • Firstly, you need to download Hotmail Mobile App on your phone.

  • Use Apple App Store to download Hotmail App for iPhone or Use Google Play Store to find and download Hotmail App for Android.

  • After downloading, open Hotmail mobile app.

  • The above window appears when the app recognizes a Hotmail account synced on your phone. This allows you to directly access your Hotmail account that is synced on your phone.

  • Select and the app will automatically sign-in/log you into your Hotmail account where you can access your inbox.

  • If the following image pops up, that means you don’t have any Hotmail account synced on your phone.

  • Enter your email address and tap continue as is shown below.

  • Enter your Password and tap Sign in/Log in.

  • You can now access your Hotmail dashboard on your mobile through Hotmail mobile App.

Hotmail Features:

Hotmail is not only a webmail service but also a complete package. After Microsoft took over it, Hotmail was integrated into every Microsoft-owned service. Be it marketplace, office, windows live or Skype, Hotmail was a single email address used to log in to all these Microsoft products/online services.

It became a centerpiece of Microsoft products and services. Listed are some of the very beneficial and productive uses of Microsoft Hotmail.

Professional Email:

Hotmail is considered to be quite productive when it comes to office work. The most obvious reason is easy keyboard commands. It broadens the functionality of the keyboard and saves time for switching between mouse and keyboard. In most offices, workaholics use only keyboard commands to control and access their computers. It is commonly known as an Email of professional folks catering to their professional needs.

Microsoft Office:

Under one cloud, Microsoft's suite of products is massively integrated with Hotmail webmail. Users can make amendments to their documents, Sync presentations, and access files from one drive, and use Microsoft service integration with all MS-backed products and services. A combination of multiple services all at once adds up the functionality and productivity of a task. MS office suite with Hotmail is an example of easy accessibility.

Hotmail Calendar A.K.A Assistant:

Hotmail calendar is a virtual assistant for people with tight schedules. Hotmail calendars can sync, save, schedule, and invite people to your voice or video conferences. A calendar can also be used to schedule email, work as a reminder, and be a digital assistant for your business/company.

Hotmail Contact Synchronization:

You can use Hotmail contact synchronization to sync your phone’s contacts, reach out and get instant communication of messages, images, and voice/video files. Stop worrying about losing your list of valuable contacts because once you’ve synced contacts with Hotmail, your contacts are saved unless you don’t want to keep them.

Hotmail Easy compartmentalization:

Hotmail email categories make it easy to keep things from getting mixed up. It allows users easy compartmentalization for a neat and clear inbox. Users can categorize emails according to their importance, senders, office, home, and however they want and suits their needs.

Hotmail Mail Search:

Looking for an email for details of an important project? Do you want to reply to an urgent email but can’t seem to find it? Want to forward a certain email to another receipt? All these problems have one solution, the Email Search tool. Just type a random word from the email you want to search and Hotmail will list all those emails with that word. It’s like searching for something on a search engine, the longer the keyword, the more accurate will the search come out.

Hotmail Free mailing service:

Hotmail started off as a free webmail service, people used to pay for wireless communication back when Hotmail offered communication available for free. Even though there have been a lot of changes in UI, Branding, and The format of but it has always been a free webmail service.

Hotmail FAQs:

Q: The password is incorrect, how to log back in?

If the password is incorrect, you may want to reset your password. To do so, you can either select Forgot Password? Or you can go to outlook.comin both cases, a security verification code will be sent to your recovery email address or your recovery phone number.
Just enter that code in its field and you will regain access to your Hotmail account.

Q: How to recover a Hotmail account without a phone number?

You can recover your Hotmail account with your Hotmail recovery email address.

Q: Can I log in to Hotmail with my Skype?

Yes, you can. Skype requires a Hotmail account to sign up, so it’s associated with your Hotmail email account.

Q: Can I log into my Hotmail domain email address?

Yes, after Hotmail’s rebranding to outlook, Hotmail users can log into their Hotmail email account using the Hotmail domain address. You can even sign up on outlook using the Hotmail domain.

Q: How to unlock Hotmail account which has been locked?

A locked account may be the outcome of some suspicious activities of your account. Unusual activities may lead to the temporary lock of an account.
To Unlock Hotmail Account, just enter the email address of your locked account, send a security code a phone number, and enter that code in its field and you be able to unlock your Hotmail account. (You can use any valid phone number to send a security code).

Q: I forgot my Hotmail email address, how do I log in to my Hotmail account?

You can recover your Hotmail account with the alternative email you entered, click on it. From the following window, select and Enter the alternative email or phone number that you entered as recovery options.
A code will be sent to your alternative email address or Phone number. Enter that code and you will be sent to your Hotmail inbox.
So that’s it about it. I hope I answer most of the issues related to your Hotmail email account recovery and login issues.