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Facebook is a paradigm within the set of social networks, and it is also the most popular social network in business use. Its outreach capacity is a great attraction for Social Media Marketers, which seek business and other objectives through organic and paid actions.

Being one of the most popular social networks globally, with more than 2,800 million monthly users, Facebook holds the first position in terms of entertainment for our generation. Because it is a platform with which we interact daily, without a doubt,Facebook becomes the first option and priority for businesses all around the world also.

Nowadays, registering on Facebook is something really important and valuable to be properly informed; for this reason, here we will explain step by step the procedure of signing up Facebook in a concrete way and also newbie-friendly, the guides come up with absolute for dummies approach and even an under ten can easily open up a Facebook account with his guardian's phone number or email.

facebook signup


The first thing you have to do is necessarily access or enter the cover or home of the official Facebook site, and to do this, there are two ways which we will explain below. However, you can choose the one which suits you the best:

Enter Facebook using the search engine: you must open the browser you use (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, or other) then go to the search engine you use (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, or another) and write in the search box precisely, the word that identifies this social network and that is " Facebook " then click on the " Enter "button on the keyboard and with it, the results will appear and then here, you will have to click on the Correct result that is generally the first and is identified by its web address https://facebook.com, and you will give the respective click to that result, and with it, the Facebook cover page will be loaded.

Enter Facebook using the URL: in this other option, you must write correctly in the address bar of the browser that you use precisely, the web address of Facebook and that is " www.facebook.com " then you will click on the " Enter " button on the keyboard, and with this action, the cover of the Facebook site will be loaded. Certainly, this is a more direct and faster way to access, but yes, you must write your web address well.

Now, once on the cover or home of the official Facebook site, you will be able to see a form with some boxes where you will have to enter what you are asking for and what you are, the following things:

Name: in this box, you should enter your name.

Lastname: in this other box, you must write your last name.

Mobile phone number or email: here, you can choose to enter your mobile phone number or any email you have and without making a mistake since this information will be quite useful in access or communicating problems with this service.

Confirm Mobile phone number or email: well, here, you must re-copy and the same, the mobile phone number or email you have entered in the previous box, not another.

Password: This password must be composed of at least six characters between uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. It is recommended that this password is not easy for third parties to discover and that you can remember.

Date of birth: Here, you have to choose your original date of birth because, in the future, Facebook may ask to verify your account by submitting a government ID.

Gender: further down, you will find a circle that precedes Woman and another circle that precedes Man, and then, you must cross out or click on the circle that precedes your gender properly so.

Finally, when you filled out this form correctly or with the information requested, click on the green button that says " Open an account," or sometimes, it says "Create Account."

STEPS CONTINUES [Facebook Signup]

Find your friends

In this first step, you have the option of finding the friends, relatives, or close ones that you have and thus send the friend requests immediately so that you are approved for it and are in their network of contacts as soon as possible. Well, to do this, you can enter their email account in the box and then click on the " search for friends " button. With that, a window will open where you will be asked to enter their password for that email to track the alleged contacts that you have in it, and you can thus send the friend requests, and you will be able to do so if you have an account in Hotmail, Yahoo or another mail.

Note: By the way, you can skip this by simply clicking on the " Skip this step " text below right. Sometimes, it is better to enter anonymously, safeguard your privacy, and establish future links since -sometimes- by using this option, requests can be sent to people who are not really required as friends on Facebook or rightly you don't want to have them as friends.

Complete information

In this step, you are required to fill in the following information shared below:

Current city: here, you will enter the city where you are currently living or residing.

Province: you will have to write the city where you were born or of their origins. Sometimes, it is the same as the current one; other times, no.

High school: you will be able to write the name of the high school where you were.

University: in this case, those who study or studied at the university will be able to write the name of that university.

Employer/company: you can write where you are employed (trade or profession) or the company where you work.

Note: This step can also be skipped if you want

Add profile picture

In the last step, you have the possibility to add a photo that represents you to your profile or Facebook account that you are creating for the first time, and doing this; you can choose by clicking on the green button that says "Upload a photo” And look for one on the computer you are using, or click on “Take a photo” and thus take a photo with the help of the webcam.

FINAL STEPS [Facebook Signup]

With the previous step carried out, a new page will be loaded on their screens where you are asked to confirm their Facebook profile that you have created by precisely clicking on the button that says " Confirm your account," and with this action carried out the account confirmation process that has two ways: one for those who entered an email in the registration form to confirm by mail and for those who entered a mobile number in the registration form to confirm with the mobile, properly so and that we explain, both below.

Confirmation of Facebook account by mail: if you have entered an email or email in the registration form, then in this step, by clicking on " Confirm your account, " you will have sent you precisely a message to your email, and then, you should go to your email, check your inbox, open that message and click on a button that says something like " Confirm your account " with it, you will be asked to enter a code.

Well, that code that you ask for appears attached to that message that you sent from Facebook, and you must enter it here to verify or verify their account, and with that, you will finish the whole process.

Confirmation of Facebook account by mobile phone: in the case that you certainly have entered their mobile number in the registration form, then when you click on " Confirm your account, " you will have just sent them a text message that you must open since It contains a code that you will have to copy exactly on the Facebook page that was opened and where said code is requested, you will copy it and confirm their account, that's all.

Finally, this is the process to register and have a Facebook account enabled to interact and relate online. It is indeed somewhat extensive, but with these steps, you should not have any problem Creating your Facebook profile and enjoying Facebook online.


  • Open the browser you normally use.

  • Type in the browser address bar www.facebook.com and press the Enter key.

  • The Facebook page will open. To enter your account, enter the email address and password that you put in your registry in the upper right corner of the page.

  • Finally, click the Login button. You will go directly to the home page of your account.

Click the Do not log out checkbox to automatically open your account and not always type your email address and password. This is optional.

Every time you enter your Facebook account or profile, the first thing you will see will be the home page. Its goal is to keep you informed of everything your friends do.


  • On the home page, you will find an icon with direct access to your profile. Click on your name, located at the top or on the left side of the page, to go to it. To return to the main page, click the Home button.

  • There you will also find a search bar. There, please write what you want to find and select it from the results that appear.

  • On the top bar are the Messenger icon, from where you can send and receive messages, and the Notifications button, to see everything that happens about your Facebook account.

  • There it is also possible to make publications. Click What are you thinking?, write what you want, and press the Share button.


On the left side of the screen, you will see the list of the sections that you use the most on Facebook, such as:

Messenger: where you can see the messages that have been sent to you.

News: To access the list of the latest publications or activities of your friends.

Events: This will allow you to know what parties, meetings, or invitations you have scheduled.

Depending on the configuration of your profile, this may vary, and access to other functions will appear.


The first thing you should do is choose the type of post you will do. To do this, click on the Status, Photo / Video, Poll, or Question button.

Click this button to share photos or videos with your friends.

When you do this, you will see three options: Upload photo/video, Use a webcam and create a photo album.

Click the Upload Photo / Video button. You will see a dialog box with a blank space and the Browse button. Then, click on that button to see the files you have saved on your computer. Finish by clicking on the one you want to share.


In recent years, applications have emerged that have achieved boom and popularity, but none have been able to take away the leadership of Facebook. With 2,320 million users, the application created by Mark Zuckerberg remains in the first place. This platform allows you to share texts, photos, and videos and make live broadcasts.

By utilizing our guide, you can easily create an account on Facebook without facing any problems or issues. Feel free to comment!