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Facebook is used globally to socially interact, share their activities, and communicate with others. A platform that was first limited to the campus of Harvard, spread around the world like wildfire.Facebook login is still quite easy for users but some users face issues we will guide you to solve all facebook login relted issues here.

The experiment of a few Harvard students changed the course of the future for the internet and its users. With more than 2.6 billion active users on-site, Facebook continues to top the charts of the most popular social media website worldwide leaving all its counterpart platforms behind.

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform on the internet which not only allows people to connect but its vast community of users makes it a very practical and successful marketplace too. It remains the king of social media after these years by maintaining its quality and functionality.

Facebook Login:

Following are all the instructions to log in to Facebook on different devices, websites, and apps.

Facebook Login on Desktop:

When Facebook was first launched, it was the desktop version of the website on the Worldwide Web so most people may be well familiar with the instructions on log in to Facebook on Desktop:

  • Open one of these web browsers (Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome)
  • Types “ facebook.com” in URL bar.
  • You will be redirected to https://www.facebook.com/
  • Enter your Email address or Phone number associated with your Facebook account.
  • Enter the password of your Facebook Account
  • Click “Login”
  • You will be redirected to your Facebook Timeline
facebook login

Facebook Login via Profile Picture:

If you are tired of entering your login information every time you want to login Facebook, Profile picture login or recent account Login are best options for you.

  • Click on your Profile Picture of your recent login account or Add Account to enable this option for future use.
  • Your Facebook login is now just a click away!

Facebook Login Incorrect Password:

In case of incorrect or forgotten Password, following window, will appear.

  • If your Facebook account is linked with Google, you can easily log in to Facebook by “log in with Google” option
  • Click on “Forgotten password?” if you do not remember the password of your Facebook account.
  • The “Reset Your Password” window will show you option to retrieve your account by resetting your

Facebook Account password.

  • If your browser has your Google account associated with Facebook logged in, you can use the “Use my Google account” option to redirect a resetting window.
  • Or you can use “Send Code via Email” option to reset your password via code.
  • Select either one and click “Continue”
  • Once you verify the authority of your Facebook account, you can reset its password.

Facebook Login on Mobile App:

Follow these instructions for Facebook Login on Mobile App.

  • Download/Install Facebook Mobile App for Android/IOS from Android/Apple App store.
  • Open/Launch Facebook for Mobile App.
  • Enter Facebook Login Information (Email/Phone and Password)
  • Enter “Log in”.
  • You can now access your Facebook on Mobile App

Tap to Login Facebook Mobile:

Similar to desktop Profile Picture Login, Facebook Mobile app also has this feature to login recent login account with just a tap.

  • You will have an option of “Tap to Log in” recently used accounts.
  • Tap the profile picture of account you want to log into.
  • Enter password
  • Tap “Login”

Facebook Login on Mobile Desktop:

To Log in Facebook on Mobile Desktop:

  • Open Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome on your mobile device.
  • Go to “m.facebook.com
  • Enter your Email/Phone number and your Facebook Login Password
  • Tap “Log in”.
  • Access your Facebook account on your Mobile Desktop.

As we learned how to initiate Facebook Login on different devices, there are millions of websites and apps integrated through Facebook. Facebook login option allows users to sync and access the data of millions of apps and websites. Following are a few instructions for Facebook Login on Websites and Apps.

Facebook Login on Websites:

It’s hard to come by a website that doesn’t have a Facebook login option as the default login. Facebook login is like gmail login which allows a website to access its user’s social status and social media information. The fact that nearly all websites use Facebook login as a mandatory social login option shows how popular and widespread Facebook is which nearly one-third of the population of the world has access to.

  • To log in to any website via Facebook, locate login/Sign up option on that website.
  • Continue with Facebook.
  • The websites will ask to access public information like First Name, Last Name, DOB, and Gender for future coordination. Allow as per your level of comfort.
  • You will be logged in that website with your Facebook information.

Facebook Log in Apps and Games:

Just like Websites, nearly all apps have Facebook login options built in their software. While, website Facebook login only access the public information of your Facebook account, Facebook login on apps sync all activities, updates, progress and data of your app on your Facebook account. Examples of these apps are the likes of gaming apps, progress tracking apps, fitness and health apps keeps track of all progresses on your Facebook account to access later.⦁ To Login via Facebook on Desktop Apps, locate login/Sign up option on desktop.

  • Sign in with Facebook.
  • You will be logged in that app and your progress will be synced with your Facebook Account. Facebook Log in Apps and Games on Mobile:
  • To Login via Facebook on Mobile Apps, enter your Facebook Login information upon setup of the app to sync your progress with your Facebook account.
  • The apps will ask to access a certain set of information from your Facebook account. Allow as per your level of comfort and continue.

Facebook started off as a picture sharing and communication social platform which now has become a winning competitor of all types of social media platforms. Billions of active up till this date when the world wide web is swarming with different social apps Facebook proves to be the living legacy as a flagship in the sea of social media websites and apps. Facebook also serves as an opportunity for brands, manufacturers, producers and local vendors, sellers, and resellers to market their products and services on the Facebook marketplace. We are yet to experience new features and innovative ideas to improvise the utility value of Facebook and see it continue the legacy in coming years.

Facebook login FAQ's

1: how to Facebook login in android?

Download and install the Facebook application fro play store now click on installed Facebook application. Here you see the login and password field. just enter your credentials and click login

2: What is sign in with Facebook?

Login with Facebook is the way of the login of any other site which can fetch information from your Facebook account, click on sign in with Facebook and allow the website or app to access your persona;l information from Facebook.

3: How do I log into Facebook using my profile picture?

Click Menu->settings->security . now click on edit in the profile picture login menu. here you can "turn on" or "Turn Off" profile picture login according to your need

4: What is an error code 2 on Facebook login?

Facebook error code 2 is the error of connection, its means the facebook client can not communicate with facebook's servers. if you are facing this error code, make sure you have an active internet connection or Facebook, Instagram, messager or WhatsApp server is not down at that time.