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KELTRON SHRAVAN Behind the Ear 110-HT and KELTRON SHRAVAN Behind the ear 110-LT are feature rich state-of-the-art Digital Programmable Hearing Aids which use sophisticated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques, based on the indigenously developed Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) named NAADA, offering superior and stable characteristics over a wide dynamic range. Frequency-dependent filtering and built-in fitting formulae help in the fine reproduction of the hearing rest results and accurate prediction of optimum amplification. This, in turn, allows unparalleled sound quality, ease and reliability in ear- specific customization.

Working on a single, easily available zinc-air battery, SHRAVAN Hearing aids have low cost of ownership and maintenance.

  Fully Digital  
  High Reliability  
  Multi- Channel Signal Processing  
  Digital Volume Control  
  Multiple Listening Programmes  
  Wide Dynamic Range Compression  
  Supports Both Linear and Non Linear Prescriptive Procedures  
  Telecoil Support  
  Programming Software with Industry Standard Features  
  In-situ programming facility  
  Inbuilt memory reserved for medical records  
  Notification Beeps  
  Robust Build  
  Long Battery Life  
 Characteristics  TBE 110 HT  TBE 110 LT
 Max OSPL 90  135 dB  125 dB
 HFA OSPL 90  128 dB  118 dB
 HFA FOG  63 dB  55 dB
 Bandwidth  200Hz-8000Hz  200Hz-8000Hz
 THD  < 3%  <3%
 EIN  25 dB  25dB
 Battery Type  675 Zinc-Air  675 Zinc-Air
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